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Cat hotel Marijke

Facing south, the cats, both in their indoor and outdoor enclosure, can enjoy the sun. In nature, cats also live in groups, which is why a cat likes company and sociability. That is why our guests have a cozy cat room at their disposal. However, most guests like to acclimatize from the car ride. First they get their own room so that they can get used to the cat hotel at their own pace. From their own room they can already inspect the living room.

The living room has a south-facing outdoor area where every guest can go to, to enjoy the sun.  The cat room is spacious, cozy and homely equipped with all comforts such as heating and air conditioning. The cats have their own detached building at their disposal, so they do not suffer from the bustle of, for example, dogs or people who visit our pet hotel.

Music for the cat

24 hours a day we have a light classical music on for our guests. In our experience, this has a calming effect.


We have a total of three rooms for the cats and since July 2018, each cat room also has its own outdoor area.

View the cat hotel

Of course you can first take a look at our cat hotel. This gives you the right impression of what our guests’ holiday looks like. For opening hours see: viewings.


If you have any more questions about our cat hotel, please take a look at the frequently asked question

For more photos and impressions see the photo book and we invite you to our Facebook page.

We hope to see you soon!

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