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Dog hotel Marijke

The main thing is that your pet must have a good time in our dog hotel and must not miss his pack (the owner, family). We do this in the best possible way, and that is by offering your pet a substitute pack. The dogs are divided into groups that match in size, age and character, so that they form a nice pack. In our dog hotel the dogs can enjoy themselves with their group. The door to their indoor residence is always open. They can always retreat to their underfloor-heated indoor enclosure to rest in the baskets and beds that are there. You will experience that your pet may return home tired, but very satisfied.


In our dog hotel there is always music playing. This offers something familiar and appears to have a positive effect on our guests.

Puppy on vacation

Most dog hotels do not take puppies for various reasons. We often notice that the owners find it sad and annoying to bring their puppy somewhere else. We understand that you find it difficult, but it actually is a very good investment in their upbringing. They also like it a lot (what is better than being able to play a lot with other dogs). Your puppy is still open to everything and can gain all kind of new experiences with us and most importantly socialize with his or her new friends.

Trial period

Depending on the breed or description of the dog, we sometimes want to have a new guest on a trial basis to see if we can give this guest a nice holiday. Some owners also find it nice to have a trial period for their dog first and that is no problem of course.

One day is often just too short for this and we therefore advise you to bring your dog the first day in the morning and pick him/her up the next morning or afternoon.

In the weekends it is always a bit more crowded for the guests due to changes in the packs. A trial period on Saturday and Sunday is therefore not sensible. This is possible throughout the whole year except during the school holidays.  To make a reservation for a trial period, we ask you to fill in the reservation form on our website.

Unfortunately not all dog breeds

We want to give every guest a nice holiday. We achieve this in particular by making a nice pack with each guest. After 30   years of experience, some breeds are often less suitable for this or simply do not like it. Many owners also indicate that they do not want their pets with these breeds. This wish is of course respected, as a result of which we often do not have pack companions for these dogs. Breeds, or crosses of these, which we unfortunately no longer accept for these reasons are for example the Bull terrier, Pitbull terrier, Bully and Boerboel, for the entire list of breeds click here.

There are also breeds such as a Boxer, Great Dane, Fox Terrier, French Bulldog which we only place with guests of the opposite sex. We can therefore never accommodate them in a school holiday, see also the above list for all breeds.


For a small fee you can follow your pet and her pack live in their indoor enclosure. Click here for more information.


If you have more questions, please check the frequently asked questions.

For more photos and impressions, we cordially invite you to our Facebook page and our photo book.

We hope to see you soon.

Enthusiastic by many stories, we award our Odie this holiday at Pet Hotel Marijke so much that we decided to go on holiday the same period as he did!! Madelene van Wandelen-Mantel