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Check-in, during the holidays and check-out

When you bring your dog

Especially when your dog comes for the first time, we recommend that you check in in the morning. This way your dog will have an entire afternoon to get used to his pack, the environment and the sounds. We also have the time to get to know our new guest. We are looking for a pack for your dog that fits together in terms of size and character so that they form a suitable pack and all dogs have a good time.en.

We ask you to say goodbye at the reception. For some owners this might be difficult. But this is for the best interest of your dog and the other guests. In this way your dog will get used to his new environment as quickly as possible. So you can no longer see your dog. Dit kan voor sommige mensen misschien vervelend voelen, maar dit is in het belang van uw hond en de andere gasten.

For every guest who comes to check in, we need the passport with the valid vaccinations noted.

During the holiday in the dog hotel

We understand that you are curious how your family friend experiences the sleepover. Feel free to contact us to ask how things are going. This is not possible by telephone, but you can send a WhatsApp to 06-15461278. With the exception of Sundays and public holidays, we try to send you a message back the same day.

We will answer your message once a week for free. Would you like to receive a message more often or a photo? That is possible! We charge a small fee for this. Click HERE for a more detailed manual and possible costs.

After the holidays

After staying in the dog hotel our guests are often a little tired of playing with the other guests and all the new impressions they have gained. Give your dog this rest. We advise you not to undertake strenuous activities during the first two days after your stay. Do you have any questions, suggestions, a positive feeling or perhaps a feeling of dissatisfaction after the stay of your pet? Please let us know.

Our dog goes on holiday regularly, when I tell Bram "are we going to Marijke?" he gets very excited. When we arrive at the hotel, he gets so energetic. That says it all. Erika Mourik