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Check-in, during the holidays and check-out

When you bring your cat

First we go through all the necessary things in the reception, and then you can take the cat to the cat room with us. The first day the cat will feel a bit strange and therefore always gets its own room first. Here your cat can see the whole indoor room with a safe feeling. As soon as we see that the cat wants to explore the area (this is usually on the second day), the door opens and the cat can continue to explore the catroom. The door of his room remains open for the rest of the holiday period. Your cat can therefore always withdraw into his room. From the shared area of ​​our cat hotel, our guests also have access to the outside area. If they want they can go outside and enjoy the sun. We have our own baskets, soft blankets, etc. for our guests. You can bring a soft blanket for your cat, but you have to take into account that you will not get this back because of hygiene reasons.

Please do not forget to bring the vaccination book and please check in advance whether the vaccinations are in order during the holidays.

During the stay in the cat hotel

We understand that you are curious how your cat experiences the holiday. You can therefore contact us to ask how your cat is doing. You can’t contact us about this by phone, but you can send us a whatsApp or a text message to 06-15461278. (except on Sundays and public holidays, we try to send you a message back the same day) Each guest needs at least two days to get used in our hotel. We ask you not to inform within these two days.

We answer your message once a week for free, if you would like to receive more information or would like to receive a photo, we will charge a small fee, see “rates” on our website.

After the holidays

After the stay in our hotel and car ride home, some guests need a bit of time to acclimatize at home. Please give your cat some time and don’t let her go outside until you see that she is completely comfortable again.

Do you have any questions, suggestions, a positive feeling or perhaps a feeling of dissatisfaction after the stay of your pet? Please let us know.

My cat was completely upset from the car ride when we arrived at Marijke. He was immediately reassured. I didn't go on holiday with a good feeling. I was so happy when I received a text message that same day that he was completely himself again! Marijke does not only take care of the animals, but also the owner! Nancy Lochtman