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Holiday checklist


On Sundays and public holidays we are of course present for taking care of our guests, but unfortunately closed for the owners. We are open daily for check-in and check-out from 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4pm.


You are welcome to visit our hotel, for opening hours click here.


We have dry food from various a-brands for our guests, if you prefer bringing your own food, this is not a problem. If you bring your own food we advise to bring some extra. What’s left you can take back home.

Also frozen food is not a problem, for giving frozen food we ask for a small fee, see price list.

Any additional costs and payment

Any additional costs may include:

  • Contribution medical expenses 1.00 euros p/d. This only applies if a pet uses medications and/or (dietary) supplements.
  • If necessary, you will be charged vet fees and the associated taxi costs of 46.00 euros to our veterinarian “de Limes” in Harmelen. If you prefer us to go to your own vet, please let us know during check in. We always try to inform you first if a visit to the veterinarian is necessary.

You can pay by card, credit card or cash at pick up. Only for the high season in the summer holidays we ask you to pay the entire reserved period in advance. (you will automatically receive a notification about this in mid-May or June)

Vaccinations etc.

For each guest we need the vaccination book. Don’t forget to take it with you and please check in advance if the vaccinations are in order during the holidays. Unfortunately, without the right vaccinations, we can not take care of a guest. For info about the vaccinations click HERE.

Each guest must also be treated against fleas and have an identification chip.

Please bring with you

  • Passport or other evidence on which we can check the vaccinations.
  • Medications if applicable. Please leave the medicines in the original packaging and not measured. Bring something extra just to be sure. (also don’t break the medicines and don’t put them in medicine boxes etc.)
  • We have our own baskets, blankets etc. for our guests. Of course you can bring your own basket, toys etc. We would like to emphasize that all these things go into the washing machine regularly. There is a big chance that you will not get it back.


Bringing and preparing for bringing

    • If your cat doesn’t like the transport basket, leave it in a place that is familiar for your cat. In this way your cat can get used to the basket. You can also put food in the basket so that it becomes a familiar thing, in this way your cat arrives as relaxed as possible.
    • Only if the weather allows it, our advice is to leave your cat in the car and not take it to reception. At the reception are often dogs, they can cause unnecessary stress for your cat. We pick up your cat from the car together and then go straight to the cat room.


When is cat not welcome in our hotel?

  • Uncastrated males older than 4 months.
  • When a cat has a transferable/contagious disease, for example, sneezing disease or giardia.
  • If the vaccinations are not in order or if the proof of this is not present during check in, we unfortunately can not take care of the guest. Valid proof can be the passport, a vaccination book or the invoice of the veterinarian.

Contact during stay

If there are unexpected particularities during a stay, we will contact the owner. If you don’t want us to contact you or if you have other wishes, (for example that we approach your contact/emergency address), please let us know.

Message service during stay

We understand that you are curious to know how your pet(s) are doing and that you want to inquire about this! The person answering the phone is not the one who is taking care of your pet. Therefore we unfortunately can not inform you by phone. If you want to know how your pet is doing, please contact us via whatsapp. The caretaker of your pet(s) will answer your message.

For the number, the exact method and any costs see: www.dierenhotelmarijke.nl/app

Change or cancel reservation

If you want to change or cancel a reservation, you can only do so through these links: Change reservation /Cancel reservation


If you have another question about a cancellation or terms and conditions, please click on the related link, please also check faq.

Thanks to Pet Hotel Marijke, we and our Bram can enjoy a fun holiday! Bridget and Bram. Bridget en Bram.