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Holiday checklist


On Sundays and public holidays we are of course present for taking care of our guests, but unfortunately closed for the owners. We are open daily for check-in and check-out from 11am to 1pm and from 2pm to 4pm.

For the first time

When a guest comes for the first time, we advise you to bring him/her in the morning. In this way we have plenty of time for him/her to make a suitable pack and introduce your dog, guide it and observe it for a longer period of time. Your pet will also have time to get used to it.

For the peace of other guests, but especially to make it easier for your dog to say goodbye, you do not walk with your dog to the dog hotel. You can no longer see your dog, this may be annoying for some people but it serves the interests of your dog and the other guests.


You are welcome to visit our hotel, for opening hours click here.


We have dry food from various top brands such as Technical, Enjoy, Naf-Naf and Prins. If you prefer to provide your own food, that is no problem either, but subject to a few conditions:

  • No glass containers and also no measuring cups of glass.
  • Always bring a bit of extra food because often a guest needs a little more with us. You can also experience a delay causing an extension of the stay. What’s left can be taken home.

Frozen food is also not a problem, you do not have to adjust it per portion, but think about adding a defrosted meal. For giving frozen food we ask for a small fee, see price list.

Our guests eat with the food bowl on the floor. If your dog is used to eat from an higher platform, you should take this with you.


We need the vaccination book for each guest, so do not forget to bring it with you. Please check in advance whether the vaccinations are in order during the holidays.

Unfortunately, without the right vaccinations, we can not take care of a guest. Every guest must also be treated against fleas, a flea collar is not recommended because it can easily break.

Please bring with you

  1. Passport or other proof on which we can check vaccinations
  2. Possibly a blanket or something, this is especially recommended when a guest comes for the first time. We can never give back your blankets for various reasons, in other words bring something that you don’t need anymore. We have our own baskets, blankets, etc. for our guests and always ensure that every pack has enough available.
  3. Possibly own food if necessary.
  4. Food bowl standard if your dog eats from a platform at home.
  5. Medications if applicable. Leave the medicines in the original packaging and not measured. Always bring something extra to be sure (also do not break the medicines, do not put in the food or in medicine boxes, etc.).

What you don’t have to bring with you.

  • Bench.
  • Toys or cuddly toys, we want to give the dog a nice holiday with appropriate friends. They do not need toys and can possibly also argue about it.
  • Basket, we ensure that each pack has enough baskets.

When is my dog not allowed to come on holiday?

  • If a female dog is or could be in heat during the stay (a heat must also have ended within 3 weeks before the start of a stay). A female dog is always in a pack with male dog(s) because the packs are always 50/50 composed in terms of male/female. Outside of the school holidays we sometimes have place for female dogs in heat, you can inform us about that.
  • When a dog has a communicable disease, for example, dog cough or giardia
  • If the vaccinations are not in order or if the proof of this, for example a passport, is not present during check- in.


Contact during stay

If there are unexpected particularities during a stay, we will contact the owner. If you don’t want us to contact you or if you have other wishes, (for example that we approach your contact/emergency address), please let us know.

Message service during stay

We understand that you are curious to know how your pet(s) are doing and that you want to inquire about this! The person answering the phone is not the one who is taking care of your pet. Therefore we unfortunately can not inform you by phone. If you want to know how your pet is doing, please contact us via whatsapp. The caretaker of your pet(s) will answer your message.

For the number, the exact method and possible costs, see: www.dierenhotelmarijke.nl/app


You can pay by pin, credit card or cash during check out. Only for the high season in the summer holidays we ask you to pay the entire reserved period in advance. (you will automatically receive a notification about this in mid-May or June)

Change or cancel reservation

If you want to change or cancel a reservation, you can only do this via these links: Changereservation/Cancel reservation


If you have a question about canceling or the general terms and conditions, please click on the relevant link or take a look at FAQ.

If you go through this checklist you cannot forget anything. Alvast bedankt, team dierenhotel Marijke