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Arnoud Busscher Dog Specialist

Qualified dog behavior therapist. The main task is to advise dog owners how to solve their dog’s behavioural problem. In addition, I give a puppy course to prevent behavioural problems with puppy’s.

Vondelpark Veterinary Clinic

In the heart of Amsterdam Zuid you will find involved and professional veterinarians of the Vondelpark Veterinary Clinic. We specialize in treating cats, dogs and small pets.

Veterinary centre ‘de Limes’

Are you still looking for a vet? You are also welcome from the surrounding municipalities such as Woerden, Breukelen, Maarssen (-pants), Montfoort, De Meern and the Leidsche Rijn.

Ranzijn veterinary

Ranzijn garden & animal consists of fifteen shops each with a garden centre and a pet specialist shop. In addition to the garden and animal department, most shops have a veterinary practice, grooming salon and dog wash.

Veterinary Clinic Hugen

A modern clinic in Nieuwegein with a team of 2 veterinarians and 3 assistants.

Veterinary clinic Leidsche Rijn

When entering our practice you will be kindly welcomed by one of our assistants. You can contact them for making an appointment, purchasing (diet) food and picking up care products and (repeat) recipes. They can also clearly inform you about your pet’s preventive care.

Wilhelminapark Veterinary Clinic

Wilhelminapark Veterinary Clinic is a modern equipped clinic for pets with extensive facilities, located in Utrecht. In addition to diagnosing and treating complaints, we also pay close attention to preventing diseases. We treat dogs, cats, ferrets, rabbits and rodents (guinea pig, rat, etc). Our expertise concerns the total well-being of your pet and for all the different aspects you can contact us.

Veterinary Clinic the Sun

The Sun is a modern pet clinic. Since 2002 we have been located at the Zonneplein in Amsterdam-Noord (Tuindorp-Oostzaan)

Veterinary clinic Lunets

The Lunetten Veterinary Clinic is a veterinarian in Utrecht Lunetten. We also have an emergency vet and a veterinarian at home.

Dog trainingshop

The webshop with articles for raising and training your dog.


The website with information about keeping pets.


Website for finding registration data for animals with a chip number.

Nadat Gijs een paar keer was geweest word hij op een kilometer afstand al helemaal happy als hij weer op vakantie mag. Fam Gijsbertsen.