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Menu for the cat

Our guests in the cat hotel have fresh water and food at their disposal 24 hours a day. In addition, they are given canned food on specific times. There are various options for the picky eaters.

If you want your cat to get its own food (eg. bladder or kidney diet), you can bring that with you. You can always bring some own food so that we can give this in case your cat doesn’t like our food. (if you bring your own food this should not be in a glass packaging)

If your cat is not allowed to eat anything other than your own food, we advise you to contact us about this. In this case your cat may be a bit more in his/her own room.


Pet Hotel Marijke is a very nice hotel, the cats have a lot of space in a kind of living room with outside accommodation. The caretakers are very involved! Sandra en poes Simba