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Other pets

In our hotel we also take care of other pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and hamsters. Each of these animals is used to a different bedding, food, etc., for this reason you should bring this yourself. Each rodent and bird also stays in its own cage, which you must bring with you.

We are Aeres certified and therefore we also have the optimal knowledge for small pets.

All animals stay inside with us, so if you have a rabbit which is always outside, unfortunately we can not take care of the rabbit.

To make a reservation in our Pet Hotel you can use our reservation form.


€ 6,00

Bird, rodent
€ 5,50 second animal 20% discount


Vaccinations are not mandatory because we only take care of a few birds and rodents.


Of course you can first come and take a look at our Pet Hotel. This will give you the right impression of what our guests’ holiday looks like. For opening hours see: viewing.

We hope to see you soon.


The above rates are per day and including VAT. The day of bringing your pet is always charged in full. The day of collection is half calculated if you come to pick up in the morning.

The general terms and conditions of the Dibevo National Organization Association apply to all stays. These conditions have been filed with the Chamber of Commerce in Amersfoort under number 40506478.

You take great care of the animals and always in the interest of the animal! F. Smeets