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Titer determination

If you prefer not to vaccinate, it is also possible to do a titer determination. A titer determination can only be done under a few strict conditions:

    1. In any case, every animal must have been properly vaccinated at least once. For a dog: against Parvo, Hepatites and distemper. For a cat: against Cat Disease. These vaccinations must be demonstrable in, for example, the passport.
    2. The test strip of the titer determination must be present.
    3. The vet must clearly indicate when the vaccinations should be given again or when a new titer determination should be done.


The antibodies against Leptospirosis, Dog cough (formerly called kennel cough) and in cat flu can not be determined with a titer determination. These vaccinations  should therefore be given at least once a year. In addition to the parainfluenza , we strongly recommend that you also vaccinate against bordetella (nose vaccination)!

Please also note that a vaccination may never be given within 14 days before the start of a holiday in our hotel! (Bordetella within 7 days).