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If a guest unexpectedly gets ill or there are other details, we want to inform you about this and discuss this with you. If you prefer us not to contact you or if you have other wishes, for example that we approach your contact person/emergency address, you can let us know.

When we consider a vet visit is necessary, we would like to discuss this with you. If we cannot reach anyone and we think a vet visit is necessary, we will of course initiate this. If your own vet has the opportunity and is not too far away from us, we will go to your own vet. If for some reason this is not possible, we will go to the “de Limes” in Harmelen, Woerden or Vleuten.

Costs vet visit

The costs of the vet consultation are for your account, as well as the starting fee of 46 euros which we charge for this.

This start rate includes costs such as:

  • Contacting the owner before we go to the vet.
  • The kilometer mileage for the car, up to a maximum of 25 kilometers in total. *
  • The time we spend on the vet visit with a maximum of one hour from departure to return. *
  • Make a report of our findings, the findings of the vet, the follow-up of the treatment(s)
  • Making a treatment plan and/or checklist (s) for medication.
  • Notifying you of the vet’s findings.

* For extra kilometers we charge 20 cents per km. and for extra time 35.00 euros per hour.

If you have booked the medifonds in your reservation and the health complaints fall under the medifonds, the costs of the vet and the aforementioned costs of the vet visit are for the account of Pet Hotel Marijke.


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