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Depending on the breed or description of the dog, we sometimes want to test a new guest first to see if we can also offer this guest a nice holiday. Some owners just like to let their dog come for a test and that is no problem either. Of course it is also possible to plan a trial period without already having another holiday.

One day is often just too short for a trial period and it is therefore advisable to bring the first day in the morning and pick it up the next morning or afternoon, in this way we can usually get a clear picture of whether we also have your dog be able to offer a nice holiday in the future.

To reserve a trial period click HERE. (this trial period is not free)

Free trial period.

It is also possible to reserve a FREE trial period / overnight stay, this overnight stay is free when it falls outside a high season and outside a weekend. You can request a free trial with this form.

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