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Our guests celebrate their holidays 24 hours a day in a suitable pack. Every guest who comes to our hotel will be placed in a nice and suitable pack. In that way they all have a nice holiday together. When we form a pack we look, for example, at the character, size, age and male/female so that they get along well and have a good time. We always keep a close eye on the packs and if things are not going well, we will adjust the pack composition. The number of dogs per pack is on average five dogs, but is also adapted to what suits your dog in terms of character and age.

We offer them a fixed daily schedule. At 8:00 they can go outside, around 9:00 the guests get their food. We always stay in the pack during feeding, so that each guest eats his/her own food and no more or less. From 12:30 they go inside with their pack to enjoy their much needed rest in their indoor residence. At 17:00 the door opens again until 19:30. Around 17:30 it’s time to eat again. The door to their inside room is always open so they can each decide if they want to go in or out.

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