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Menu for the dog

The dogs are fed twice a day, and if necessary three times. They have fresh spring water at their disposal 24 hours a day.

We have dry food from various a-brands such as Technical, Enjoy and Naf-Naf for our guests.

Our guests eat with the food bowl on the floor. If your dog is used to eat from an higher platform, you should take this with you.

Bringing your own food

Would you rather bring your own food, this is not a problem either, but there are a few conditions:

  • No glass containers and also no measuring cups of glass.
  • Always bring some extra food. Often a guest needs more food while staying with us or in case of an extended stay. What’s left can be taken home.
  • Frozen food is also not a problem, but the first meal should be defrosted. For giving frozen food we ask for a small fee, see price list.
What a fantastic place for our Vizsla's. Loving and enthusiastic employees ensure that we like to bring our dogs here. They are tired and satisfied when we pick them up. We absolutely recommend this Pet Hotel! Ingrid Kemner